African Mahogany Wood Conference Tables

African mahogany wood conference tables custom built by Specialty Woods ®  in a variety of styles and shapes, we offer custom solid wood border inlays, we can brand your executive conference table with a customized inlaid corporate logo. Our handcrafted office furniture products includes executive desks, credenzas, hand carved desk suites and high end boardroom conference tables in customized sizes. With several choices of hardwoods African mahogany, cherry wood, black walnut, maple, red oak or a rich reddish brown looking sapele hardwood. Call (866)203-1638

The Hilton Hotel Banquet Room Conference Table

African mahogany boardroom conference table, Specialty Woods ®

 Product # A-12-HH >>> Custom African mahogany solid wood boardroom conference table, with a full purple-heart wood inlays. Size: 12’ long x 46” wide, boat shaped conference table. This beautiful high end conference table was handcrafted for the Fort Hilton Hotel in Fort Lee, N.J.

Customers comment:

Neal, WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! – and WOW – it sure is a beauty – it came last week but couldn’t open it till today – had a convention in house – it took 12 guys to carry it up 24 Steps but WOW – it really looks GREAT in the Board Room. Thanks again 🙂

We will keep in touch.

Regards, Shirley, Fort Lee Hilton Hotel, Fort Lee, NJ.

Ruston Lincoln Convention Center Peach Festival Table

African mahogany large rectangular shape conference table, Specialty Woods ®

 Product # AF-52-RUSCC >>> African mahogany wood conference room table, large rectangular “U” shaped design. Size: 52? long x 36? wide with 5 solid yellow heart wood inlaid peach logos inlaid into each section. This beautiful high end conference room table was exclusively handcrafted for the Ruston Lincoln Convention Center and Visitors Bureau in Ruston, LA.

Customers comment:

Neal Burns

I have attached three pictures of our gorgeous table that you produced for us. I hope that the pictures do some justice to the table as I have received so many compliments on the look and feel. It certainly accomplished the “WOW” factor that we were looking for in our board room. If I can be of any further assistance, please let me know. Kyle Edmiston, Ruston Lincoln Convention Center and Visitors Bureau in Ruston, LA.

Trijicon Corporate Office Boardroom Conference Table

Custom inlaid solid wood african mahogany conference tables, Specialty Woods ®

 Product # AF-22-TC  >>>  This solid African mahogany conference table with purpleheart wood border inlay, boat shaped with “V” shape pedestals. Inlaid at each end, and was exclusively custom designed for Trijicon Corporate Office Boardroom. Size: 22′ long x 72″ wide. Delivered to Wixom,  MI.

 Customers comment:

Thank you ! Neal, we are very happy with the table the solid wood inlaid logos are the best traditional joinery skills I have ever seen and the cabinets, they look very nice in our conference room, thank you!!! Brian
Trijicon Corporate Office – Wixom, MI.

Automotive Dealer Management Inc. Facility Conference Room Table

ADMI solid ribbon mahogany wooden conference table, Specialty Woods ®

Product # ADMI-12-AM >>> African mahogany conference table, 12′ length x 60″ width, boat shaped conference table with data ports. Automotive Dealer Management, Ann Arbor, MI.

Customers comment:

Neal and Judy! Well, the table has arrived in good shape! The crates were beautiful and very protective –  BUT the table was just fine – actually very, very beautiful! The interior packing saved the day! Well done! The table is MORE beautiful than I imagined! NEXT project will be the partner’s desk! Will keep in touch! Nice job, guys!!!!!
Stephen Reading

ARTCRAFT Corporation Board of Directors Boardroom Conference Table

solid mahogany wood conference table, Specialty Woods ®

 Product # AF-20-MJ >>> Large executive boardroom table as shown is African mahogany wood with a purple-heart wood border inlay, rectangular shape table with two inlaid Art-craft logos. The logos were done in solid purple-heart, maple and mahogany woods. Size: 20? long x 5? wide.  Handcrafted for the Artcraft Corporation Executive Conference Room in Morristown, N.J.

Customers comment:

We thank you for taking the time putting the quality craftsmanship into the custom conference table you built for us. It was hard to imagine how beautiful solid wood fine cabinetry can look. Your work is second to none. Harold Zimmermann

Buena Vista Water Storage District Boardroom Conference Table

solid African mahogany wood conference table, Specialty Woods ®

Product # AF-14-BV >>> Solid African mahogany premium conference room table with a black walnut border inlay, boat shaped with “V” shape pedestals and 2 data ports. Size: 14? long x 60? wide x 30? in height. Hand rubbed natural clear oil finish. Custom built for Buena Vista Water Storage District Executive Boardroom in  Buttonwillow, CA.

Customers comment:

Neal, I haven’t had the chance to thank you for such a fantastic job you have done on our board room table. All who have seen it are in complete agreement. We received the table the day after our board meeting which was fine with our busy schedule prior to the board meeting. Your craftsmanship and design is second to none and I personally look forward to visiting your facility sometime in the next few years whenever I am traveling north. If we owe you something for the small table, please let me know. It must be nice to be able to hit 1,000 (baseball wise) with your customers. Thanks again and we will most likely be looking your way in the future.

Martin, Buena Vista Water Storage District, Buttonwillow, CA.

ICOP Digital Inc. Executive Boardroom Conference Room Conference Tables

solid African mahogany wood conference tables with data ports, Specialty Woods ®

Product # AF-10-6-LK >>> Two beautiful  African mahogany wood conference tables with solid black walnut wood border inlays. Larger table size is 10? long x 48? wide. The smaller table size is 6? long x 36? wide. Both solid wood tables are equipped with data ports. Custom  African Mahogany Wood Conference Tables created for ICOP Digital Inc. Executive Boardrooms in Lenexa, KN.

Customers comment:

Neal, the African mahogany wood conference tables arrived and we have them set up in the respective rooms. They are FABULOUS!!! Dave Owen, ICOP Digital, Inc. Lenexa, KS.

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