Custom Solid Wood Conference Tables

Specialty Woods, LLC. custom builds solid wood tables conference room tables individually customized to meet each customer’s needs. We offer solid wood border inlays and corporate inlaid logos constructed from hand selected 100% solid wood boards. Order your beautiful table with your choices of hardwoods from Specialty Woods.

Handmade in the USA from natural wood

We design premium custom conference room tables in many types of natural woods- African mahogany, American cherry wood, black walnut, maple, red oak, sapele with several choices of others hardwoods handmade to perfection. We also offer much more custom office furniture products, custom choices of desks, credenzas, restaurant tables, bar room tables, beer and wine tasting tables and display cabinets.

What Makes Us Different?

Quality control

My shop is a totally climate controlled atmosphere to make certain your conference table will be of the highest quality. We use the finest joinery techniques known in the industry.

  • All of our products receive a meticulously applied hand rubbed oil finish before passing our rigorous quality control inspection.
  • Each conference table will be personally hand built from start to finish by Neal Burns.
  • Neal Burns is well known for his unique designs of (solid wood inlay work) especially the inlaid corporate logo tables.
  • We stand by our product and are sure it is 100% up to our highest level of standards before it leaves our facility

Green technology

Solid wood is a naturally green sustainable product and a non-toxic for the consumer including for the craftsman. Wood is the ultimate Green building material and is so, not only because it’s the only naturally renewable building material, but because it actually helps the environment. Wood has the ability to reduce CO2 emissions. This is due to the fact that the production of solid wood products results in the storage of a portion of the trees’ carbon in another long-term storage medium. Also, with continuous technological advancements, engineered wood systems can maximize the use of the material to reduce the use of resources. Also, natural wood uses less energy and produces less air and water pollution than other major manufactured building materials. Wood is a material that can be used instantly and only needs a few preparatory treatments. It’s manufactured in the forest and only needs to be shaped and sawed into the correct sizes. With construction and design, these wood products can come together to create a sustainable home or commercial building. For more facts go to

Unique solutions

We have successfully constructed solid wood conference room tables from 6’ long to 52’ long as narrow as 36” wide to 7’ wide, with no warping or cracking problems. See the results on our conference room table’s web page premium conference tables. Also all our custom logos and inlays are constructed from solid hardwoods boards.

High standards

Specialty Woods, LLC. Custom builds solid wood conference room tables individually customized to meet each customer’s needs. Our unique solid wood litigation tables are designed in a variety of styles and sizes. You have several choices of table shapes, boat shaped, oval and rectangular. We offer solid wood border inlays and corporate inlaid logos, constructed from hand selected solid wood boards.


Cherry wood conference table

Product # CH-14-AHC-ID >>> Solid cherry wood conference room table-boat shaped, 14 L. was handcrafted for the Board of Directors at Advance Health Care Medical Facility in Boise, ID.


Red Oak Table

Product # RO-14-10-FSNB >>> Solid red oak wood conference room table inlaid with World Globe logos, 14? L. and handcrafted exclusively for Fort Sill National Bank, Board of Directors Conference Room in Lawton, OK.

Solid Wood Office Furniture

We create the finest tables in the nation, it starts with natural wood and exquisite craftsmanship that cannot be duplicated on a production line.

Maple Conference Table

Product # MBW-17 >>> Solid eastern hard rock maple conference room table, boat shaped-featuring a full black walnut inlays 17’6” L. was exclusively handcrafted for Lydig Construction Inc. Office in Spokane, WA.


WSU Boat Shaped Table

Product # AF-18-WS >>> Washington State University, Dept. of Economic Sciences, Pullman, WA. 18’L. Conference Table, boat shaped with a purple-heart border inlay and two logos.


Sapele Conference Table

Product # SMR-13-TFMB >>> Twin Focus, Boston, MA. Sapele (Tropical Hardwood) 13’L. Conference room table-boat shaped with a yellow-heart boarder inlay.

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