J. Lee Hoffoss, Injury Lawyers

Neal – African mahogany conference room table turned out beautiful. I’m very proud to have it and thank you for such great work and attention to detail. Thanks again,

–Lee Hoffoss
Lake Charles, LA.


Susie Bender and Julie Clark, University of Idaho, Moscow ID.

“Yes, we got the Maple Conference table moved into our office last Monday. It looks great in our conference room! Thank you! Susie Bender and Julie Clark, University of Idaho, Moscow ID.


Neal, I received the solid wood inlaid seal undamaged. It is truly incredible! As we get closer to the installation, I will probably give you a call to say that I have a firm understanding of how to set it up so I can convey this information to the installer. I will also assist with the installation. As soon as feasible, we will take pictures and mail them to you. Thanks again, it really is a spectacular piece; I will be in touch. Jonathan, C.I.A. Seal is truly an heirloom masterpiece, Homeowner Granbury, TX.

Matt Quinn

Neal the time spent was well worth the quality of my custom office conference room table. Thank you ! The Sapele conference table is Superb. Matt Quinn, Breaks State Park, S.C.

Nahed Assal -Rutgers State University, New Jersey

Hi Judy and Neal, What an amazing job you guys did! We are impressed. We love the conference room tables; The solid maple and black walnut inlaid conference tables are perfect!!!!  Just what we visioned. Thank you very much for the extra cutting boards.
Thanks again!!!
Nahed Assal -Rutgers State University, New Jersey

Judge Kimberly Moore

The conference table looks awesome! No scratches or dings!!! Cherry wood conference table with purpleheart inlay. Fitzgerald’s was able to get it inside the elevator without any problems. Neal supplied a special polishing/cleaning kit he put together for you. I left these items in your conference room. Hare Phillip

Mark G. Patricoski Attorney

Neal : The pictures look great of course. The cherry wood conference is perfect. We are sending the check this am via fed-x. Once you get ready to ship, is there a ETA and I have some handy men on stand-by to do the install. Thanks for the great job.

Robert Di Benedetto

Hi Neal and Judy, I just want to say thank you for all the help yesterday with delivering and setting up the Black Walnut dining room table in my house. You really went above and beyond. It is just a wonderful piece of art and will be something that will stay in the family for generations, I’M sure. Thanks again for all your great help and I’ll be sure to send people your when they ask about. Robert Di Benedetto

Funny story- I disassembled the shipping crates and leaned it up against the wall at the top of my driveway. I then sent an email to the neighbors on my street, boom the plywood material was hauled away. So, you made someone else very happy as well. Robert


Neal, the conference tables arrived and we have them set up in the respective rooms. The African Mahogany Conference Room Tables, They are FABULOUS!!!

Kyle Edmiston

Neal Burns
I have attached three pictures of our gorgeous African mahogany conference table that you produced for us. I hope that the pictures do some justice to the conference table as I have received so many compliments on the look and feel. It certainly accomplished the “WOW” factor that we were looking for in our boardroom. If I can be of any further assistance, please let me know. Kyle- Ruston Lincoln Convention Center and Visitors Bureau in Ruston, LA.

Mary Jo Thomas, Office Manager

Sorry it has taken me so long to thank you for our beautiful conference table. Everyone who walks in our front door can see the table and has commented on how beautiful it is. Dark Red Mahogany Conference Room Table. Thanks again, Mary Jo.

Paul- Twin Focus

Neal, we are very happy with the conference table and the cabinets Thank you ! They look very nice in our conference room. Stunning Sapele Wood Conference Room Table. Thank you!!!


Dear Neal, We arrived this past weekend from a two week business trip to find a gorgeous sapele table in our conference room. We want to thank you and your team for a job well done!
Thank you once again. Wes

Stephen Reading

Neal and Judy! Well, the conference table has arrived in good shape! The crates were beautiful and very protective – BUT the table was just fine – actually very, very beautiful! The interior packing saved the day! Well done!
The Conference room table is MORE beautiful than I imagined! Mahogany Wood Conference Table with Yellow-heart inlay.
NEXT project will be the partner’s desk! Will keep in touch! Nice job, guys!!!!!

ED Vitco – Corporate DEKALD

I received the conference table in excellent condition today and it is AWESOME!! The workmanship is as fine as any piece of furniture I have ever seen. The Dekalb logo in the different colored woods are unbelievably beautiful. I am so very fortunate to have come across you on the Internet. African Mahogany Conference Table with Logo!! Thank you ! ED Vitco – Corporate DEKALD, Gardner, IL.


Neal and Judy
The desk arrived today. I’m speechless on my Red Oak Executive Desk.
The crate itself was a masterpiece. I forgot how much solid wood weighs, but once we managed to inch it into our office, its beauty was simply stunning. The craftsmanship, finish, beauty of the wood, and design is without comparison. Thank you so much. My kids are already asking me if they can have it when I die! It will be a treasure to be passed down through generations–not many jobs can say that, so I hope that thought resonates with you.
We’ll send a couple pictures in the next few days so you can see its new home.
I just love it!

Anthony B. Allie Facilities Manager | Johnson Sauer Legal Group

Hey Neal –
I sincerely apologize for not getting to you sooner but we did get the cherry wood conference tables, they were successfully installed and they look incredible!! Thank you so much for all the hard work put in to them. Everyone at the office loves them and we have gotten many compliments regarding them. Thank you again for everything!
Sincerely, Frankie

Ben Weller Washington State University – School of Economic Sciences in Pullman, WA.

Hello Neal,
I keep meaning to contact you and let you know how much we like the Mahogany conference table, so now is my chance.
We love the table! It is an absolutely stunning conference table. It fits perfectly in our conference room. The pedestals look so much better than I thought they would, and I thought they would look pretty good. I have shared with, many friends, family, and fellow Cougs, the pictures of the table that are on your web site.
Thank you very much for putting the time and effort into such a wonderful work of art.
Thanks again Neal, I hope to see more of your work on campus. WSU


Neal, I haven’t had the chance to thank you for such a fantastic job you have done on our boardroom table. All who have seen it are in complete agreement. We received the mahogany conference table the day after our board meeting which was fine with our busy schedule prior to the board meeting. Your craftsmanship and design is second to none and I personally look forward to visiting your facility sometime in the next few years whenever I am traveling north. If we owe you something for the small table, please let me know. It must be nice to be able to hit 1,000 (baseball wise) with your customers. Thanks again and we will most likely be looking your way in the future. African Mahogany Boardroom Table with Black Walnut Inlay. Martin – Buena Vista Water Storage District, Buttonwillow, CA.

Ryan Van Riper Photon Research Associates, Inc.

Hi Neal. I am the new office manager at PRA.  We purchased a conference table from you last fall. It is a beautiful table and we are very happy with the Cherry Wood Conference Table with Black Walnut inlay. with Black Walnut inlay. Thank you and have a great day. Ryan Van Riper

Pat Hogan Legal Services

Neal, the time spent was well worth the quality of my custom office furniture, the solid cherry wood conference room table is gorgeous. Thank you, Pat

Jonathan Perriello

I received the seal undamaged. It is truly incredible! As we get closer to installation, I will probably give you a call to make sure that I have a firm understanding of how to set it so I can convey this information to the installer for the Library Floor inlaid emblem. I will also take off work that day for the installation. As soon as feasible, we will take pictures and mail them to you. Thanks again, it really is a spectacular piece of art work.
I’ll be in touch.

Christine Burns

Its great to be able to still get solid red oak dining table and the high quality great craftsmanship at a reasonable price.

Roy & Bobby Kruger

Dear Neal, The oak pedestal table is beautiful. The workmanship cannot be matched . We are so happy with the product. We recommend anyone in the market for furniture to go with Specialty Woods for quality furniture and workmanship.

Matt M. Paavola

We thank you for taking the time putting the quality craftsmanship into the custom conference tables you built for us. It was hard to imagine how beautiful solid wood fine cabinetry can look. African Mahogany Conference Table is beautifully made and Your work is second to none. Thanks, Matt


The purpose of this letter is to thank you for the extraordinary African mahogany conference table you created for us. We love it! It fits the room beautifully and it is as sturdy as you assured me it would be. It is truly the centerpiece of my new conference room. I can’t wait to begin using that room to see how the clients react. I also wanted to thank you for meeting the deadlines and keeping us informed throughout the process. There was naturally some anxiety about sending money to a company on the other side of the United States, sight unseen. Just speaking to you calm our concerns. It is obvious you are a man of integrity. The final product puts an exclamation point on that fact. Please feel free to give my name to anyone for a reference or even post this testimonial on your website. Thanks again, Ted

Thank you !!! Hoseline, Inc. Linda Grafton

Neal, Sorry I have not contacted you sooner. WE LOVE LOVE the Conference Room Table. It is just beautiful and we are very impressed with the Black Walnut Conference room Table including inlaid maple Logo.!!! Also excellent packaging !!! Thank again, Linda Grafton

Crow Creek Energy II, LLC.”Mary Jo , Office Manager

Neal, Sorry it has taken me so long to thank you for our beautiful conference table. Everyone who walks in our front door can see the Dark Red Mahogany Wood Conference Room Table and they have commented on how beautiful it is. Thanks again !!! Mary Joe

Tony Emanuel

Neal and Judy, Cherry Conference Tables with Maple Inlay are beautiful. Neal, you are a true craftsman. Hope you are as proud to have made them as we are to have these conference room tables as the centerpieces of our office! Thank you for your great care in making them! Judy, thank you for being so kind and considerate in making this all happen. Hopefully, I can meet you both in person some day to thank you. Sincerely, Tony Emanuel

Shirley Fort Lee Hilton Hotel, Fort Lee, NJ.

Neal, WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! – and WOW – African Mahogany Conference Room Table with Full Purple-heart Inlays– it sure is a beauty– it came last week but couldn’t open it till today – had a convention in house – it took 12 guys to carry it up 24 Steps but WOW – Mahogany Conference Table really looks GREAT in the Board Room. Thanks again,  We will keep in touch. Shirley