Frequently Asked Questions about Specialty Woods custom built office furniture products.

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Are solid wood conference room tables and credenzas more superior to veneers?

Yes, solid wood is a natural, sustainable product that is non-toxic for the consumer or craftsman. The materials are also much thicker, which makes them easier to work with. In turn, this increases the quality of the finished product. My process in building truly fine, solid wood furniture is safer, and of better quality than the veneer high production process.

The first step is monitoring and dealing with the moisture content. This means maintaining the proper percentage of moisture throughout the complete construction of my products. My shop is a completely climate controlled environment, which ensures my products are of the highest quality. We use the finest joinery techniques known in the industry. Our products are constructed to expand and contract as needed, so when they are put in different climates the customer does not have issues with them. I have been building solid wood furniture for the excess of 35 years. I have solid wood products the large majority of the U.S. and have never had warping or cracking issues caused by poor craftsmanship. When you know the proper moisture content and maintain it throughout the construction process, cupping or warping problems don’t exist.

Our tables are typically about 1 ½ inch to 1 ? inch thick. We have successfully constructed solid wood conference room tables from 6 feet long to 52 feet long, and as narrow as 36 inches wide to 7 feet wide. To view some of the many tables we have constructed, please visit our Conference Tables page. 

Moving on to the finishing process, we use a hand rubbed clear oil finish to assure the natural beauty and depth of the solid wood. We apply it under high heat conditions to assure maximum penetration into the wood. This way, you don’t have to worry about drink rings on our products.

How many people can we fit around your tables? 

Of course, to answer this question you must look at the size and style of the table you are ordering. Most conference table chairs range from 24 inches wide to 30 inches wide. Then you would likely also want to leave a few inches on each side of the chair for added comfort to those sitting at the table. So, if you were to take a boat-shaped conference table that was 16 feet long by 36 inches wide. You could fit one person on each end, and about 6 people on each side. You could fit at least two more people on each side if you desired. Basic Table Sizing

We can make your conference room table match your existing furniture.

Yes, we can match any wood furniture that you desire and correspond with any other type of furniture. But, we always do our best to match any furniture perfectly, whether it is wood or not.

Yes, customers can visit workshop.

Absolutely, customers are welcome to come to visit our shop. I enjoy having customers come out to see my work because I can explain the process to them and demonstrate the true beauty of the solid wood furniture. My customers always leave my shop happy, because they know that they are receiving the highest quality.

Information about the purchasing and shipping process. 

When your company decides to purchase a conference room table or any other products from Specialty Woods LLC, you are getting the best possible quality out there. To begin the purchasing process, we will send you a proposal by email, with detailed information about your desired order. If it is what you are looking for, you will return the signed sales proposal with and pay a 50 percent deposit. The 50 percent down payment must be paid before any materials will be ordered to begin the project. Upon completion of your masterpiece, we will send you detailed photos to ensure that you approve of the finished product. The remaining 50 percent cost is due prior to shipping. We will not send any orders out without being fully paid first. Most orders take 6 to 8 weeks from start to finish, depending on the size of the project. Our prices are competitive, and our quality is absolutely superior. We are sincere in our desire to provide you with a product you will cherish for a lifetime or more. We accept business checks or bank transfers. We ship nationally and internationally. Your shipping details will be included with your proposal. Email us at sales@specialtywoods.com or use our Contact Us form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.