Custom solid wood conference room table built by Specialty Woods LLC

Solid Wood Conference Tables

Handmade in the USA from 100 Percent Solid Wood

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We offer solid wood border inlays and corporate inlaid logos that are constructed from hand-selected, 100 percent solid wood boards. We can design a premium custom solid wood conference room table in many types of natural woods. The hardwoods – African mahogany, American cherry wood, black walnut, maple, red oak, and Sapele. We also offer custom office furniture products such as custom choices of desks, solid wood boardroom tables, credenzas, restaurant tables, bar room tables, beer and wine tasting tables, display cabinets, and more. All of our products are handcrafted in our shop, which is proudly located in Washington State.


Businesses that clearly care about their outward appearance and in-house branding often turn to these products to express their commitment to first-rate goods and services.


In a business setting, handmade solid wood tables are a sign of professionalism.


Our Washington State-based company builds solid wood conference room tables individually created and each conference is customized to meet the customer’s requirements.


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Unlike veneer, solid wood is an eco-friendly and long-lasting building material that poses no health problems to the consumer or manufacturer. Solid wood is eco-friendly because it is harvested and not made by man. Veneer is made by combining peelings from a tree with various chemicals, binding products and preservatives. It takes more energy to create a board of veneer wood than it does to harvest a board of solid wood.

Additionally, an example of one of the previously-mentioned chemicals would be formaldehyde. Formaldehyde has been proven in multiple studies to cause cancer risks to rise. Lastly, solid wood furniture is of the highest quality that money can buy. It will last a lifetime — if not longer — and it can be easily repaired if anything were to go wrong with it, which is highly unlikely given how strong it is. More so, it requires little maintenance. Our products only consist of rubbing a light coating of Stay-Wax on it once in a while. Order your solid wood furniture from us today!


Our shop is a 100 percent climate-controlled atmosphere, which insures your solid wood conference table will be of the highest quality. We use the finest joinery techniques known in the industry.

  • All of our handmade solid wood tables receive a meticulously-applied, hand-rubbed, clear oil finish before passing our rigorous quality control inspection.
  • Each solid wood conference table will be personally hand-built from start to finish by Neal Burns,Owner of Specialty Woods.
  • Neal Burns is uniquely known for his solid wood inlay work, especially inlaid corporate logos. It’s these special touches that make his company’s high-end conference tables such a popular option for businesses looking to ensure the appearance of their conference and boardrooms evoke an image of high quality.
  • We stand by our product, knowing that it is up to our highest level of standards before it leaves our facility.


We have successfully constructed solid wood conference room tables from six feet long to 52 feet long and as narrow as 36 inches wide to seven feet wide. We are proud to report that our custom made conference tables have no warping or cracking issues. All our custom logos and inlays are constructed from solid hardwoods boards. Please take a look at the beautiful products we have featured on our “View All” page to help you get ideas for your table!

Solid Black Walnut Dining Room Table
Solid Black Walnut Dining Room Table

Specialty Woods, LLC builds solid wood conference room tables and other handmade solid wood tables individually. They are customized to meet each customer’s needs. Our unique solid wood litigation tables are designed in a variety of sizes, shapes, and woods. We offer solid wood border inlays and corporate inlaid logos that will match your company’s logo perfectly due to our construction methods. Nothing leaves our shop before being carefully inspected for any mishaps. If a mistake is found, then that product will not leave the shop before it is fixed. For any questions about our products, please give us a call at 866-203-1638 or email us at


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We create the finest tables and high end conference tables in the nation. It starts with natural wood and exquisite craftsmanship that cannot be duplicated on a production line.

What Our Customers Say…


The Highest Quality Possible

Specialty Woods, LLC builds 100 percent solid wood conference room tables individually customized to meet each customer’s needs. We offer handcrafted solid wood border inlays and corporate inlaid logos, constructed from hand-selected 100 percent solid wood boards. A product will never leave the shop before being carefully examined for any imperfections. If there are any…

Superior Custom Furniture Builder

I have been asked to address why solid wood products are much more superior to veneer products. I have owned my own custom furniture business for an excess of Forty plus years, in which I specialize in one hundred percent solid wood construction. First of all, when building solid wood products, moisture content is critical…

Natural Wood and Handmade

We design premium, custom, 100 percent solid wood conference room tables in many styles, shapes, and sizes that are custom built by Specialty Woods, LLC. Our company offers a variety of solid wood inlays and data ports. We also build matching solid wood credenzas to accommodate our customer’s boardroom table. When ordering custom furniture from…