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 Neal Burns CEO

Specialty Woods: About our company, we have been designing and building custom conference room tables for over 35 years. Our fine craftsmanship shows in our entire line of Specialty Woods custom solid wood conference tables and our other fine handmade office furniture pieces, of which are heirloom quality. Every piece that is built is made from 100% solid premium hardwood boards that our Company personally has hand picked for the quality and color. Picking out highly figured wood grains for our custom conference room tables are confluence with the brilliant wood grains. The key to building a great custom design conference room table is unifying the wood grains, plus bringing exotic hardwoods together to capture the most interesting characteristics of the wood. Our shop uses the finest hardware including the latest data port technology available. All of our products receive a meticulously applied hand rubbed oil finishes before passing our rigorous quality control inspection.

 Neal Burns CEO

Neal Burns CEO and Owner: Our focus is on the designing and building custom handcrafted furniture, which is made from solid wood boards crafted specifically to meet your needs in a custom product. Specialty Woods specializes in all wood conference room tables, including our unique custom designed executive desks.

Neal Burns Owner of Specialty Woods

Inside Specialty Woods Shop: Neal is standing next to some of our finest hand carved Executive Desk Suite. These custom desks are heirloom quality, 100% solid wood, dovetailed drawers, with solid hand tooled brass hardware. Many hours, days and months of labor and work went into these hand carved desks and truly worth the wait. See more custom made hand carved desks by Neal and Judy Burns

Specialty Woods Custom solid wood conference tables|3 tables at the same building in my shop  Neal in his wood shop working on a large oak table|Specialty Wood has 2 large conference tables he is working on

Inside Specialty Woods ® Shop: Two custom red oak conference room tables with the world globe logos and one dark cherry wood conference table. We are getting ready for the final set-ups and photo shoots.

32 Maple Conference Table and Neal in the shop2

32? Long solid maple wood conference table with Neal Burns the owner of Specialty Woods. Photo taking in the shop getting ready for the last photo shoot. Neal is giving it the last inspection before we take it apart, to wrap it up and crate it up; to have it ready for tomorrows shipping date. By the way this was quite a few years back.

Specialty Woods® |Hand carved executive desk by Judy Burns

Specialty Woods ®| Judy Burns carving bench| hand carved columns

Inside Specialty Woods ® shop: wood-carving workbench, favorite chisels-gouges Pfeil, Robert Sorby and flex-cut. My carvings are all hand tooled with gouges and every detailed cut is hand sanded.

Neal’s other passions are spending time with his family, boating, riding ATVs, car shows, racing, camping, hiking,and relaxing.

Neal Burns in his wood shop          Neal driving his Bentley

Neal Burns enjoys his 1949 Bentley, and is a member of the Northwest British Classics Club. Neal shows the car two or three times a year.

Neal Burns

Neal Burns working with a pit crew on a race car at the track, just having some fun in the fast lane.

Neal Burns CEO: is well known for his unique designs of (solid wood inlay work) especially the corporate inlaid logos. To inquire call 866-203-1638


Specialty Woods: is a Veteran owned custom solid wood furniture business and was first established in 1980?s as a small shop in Spokane, Washington. We are now located in Nine Mile Falls, Washington; a little north of Spokane, having moved the operation in 1987. In 2004, we have added another 40’x 65’ new shop, to our existing manufacturing facility to build even bigger tables and more beautiful custom furniture pieces and better to serve our customers. Thank you to all our customers that have came out to our shop; your visits are always welcome here at Specialty Woods.

Thank you for your valuable time and just stopping by to visit our website 🙂  

  • Custom solid wood inlaid conference tables
  • Custom solid maple wood conference tables with inlays
  • Hand carved solid wood executive desks
  • Our advantages

    Solid wood logo

    Our logos are handmade personally by Neal Burns CEO

     Specialty Woods custom made inlaid logos are designed with 100% exotic hardwoods and each inlaid logo is handmade from ¾” thick wood stock. We pride ourselves with our exceptional joinery skills and our superb wood crafting techniques.  

    Conference tables with logos

     Custom woodworking techniques

    • All of our products receive a meticulously applied hand rubbed oil finish before passing our rigorous quality control inspection.
    • A Specialty Woods a small signature plate is affixed to every piece we manufacture so you know you are getting an original.
    • Each item which is personally hand built from start to finish by Neal Burns.
    • We utilize the best construction and joinery techniques known in the industry.
    • Neal Burns is well known for his unique designs of (solid wood inlay work) especially the corporate inlaid logos.
    • Boardroom Tables, Restaurant Tables, Bar Room Tables, Beer and Wine Tasting Tables and Display Cabinets.



     We custom build solid wood executive desks suites

    • Custom solid wood of your choice
    • Custom design of your desk
    • Handpicked quality wood grains
    • Custom handmade furniture to order
    • High quality hardware
    • Dovetailed Drawers
    • Traditional Joinery Woodworking Techniques
    • Hand rubbed oil finish
    • Over 35 years’ experience in fine custom furniture building